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03/ 10/ 2017

Today  representatives of the EBA Food and Dairy Committees had a working meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development. The participants discussed a Draft Order that regulates sewage acceptance rules and overtime disbursement rates. During a long discussion, business representatives:

  • drew the attention of the document’ developers  to the necessity of scientific substantiation for the ban on discharges of sewage containing nonorganic substances;
  • requested an economic substantiation of the coefficients included in the formula for calculating the payment for wastewater discharges in violation of the quality requirements and the regime for their discharge;
  • stressed that the terms “preliminary wastewater treatment” and “local wastewater treatment facilities” are not identical.

It is nice that we managed to immediately agree on taking into account in the text of the document some business remarks, namely:

  • the need for documentary confirmation of expenses to be reimbursed for conducting works on the restoration of pipelines and collectors’ carrying capacity;
  • the obligation to obtain technical specifications for water supply and drainage at the change of technological processes only in case of possible influence on the change of the composition of sewage;
  • reduction of the fine due to the delay of the authorized representative’s permission for sampling on the territory of enterprises.

We are grateful to the colleagues from the Ministry of Regional Development for the dialogue and look forward to further and constructive cooperation on the finalization of the Draft Order.

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