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26/ 05/ 2021

Research has estimated that value of a reputation as an intangible asset for the S & P500 companies can cost near 21 trillion dollars, so save reputation and prevent a crisis not only necessary, but also economically beneficial.

Sergii Bidenko, Reputation and Anti-Crisis Advisor, author of the book “Reputational Anti-Stress, Instructor for Owners and Top Managers of Companies”, shared practical cases during the EBA Dnipro PR & Marketing HUBmeeting, analyzed typical reputational problems of Ukrainian companies and addressed attention to such communication traps as:

✔ product quality;

✔ service;

✔ misunderstandings in ethical issues;

✔ technological or natural disasters;

✔ cyberattacks;

✔ information attacks.

Reputation has value when it is visible, it works in favor of the owner. It is always necessary to check all information channels, social networks, publications to form a positive digital footprint.

To conduct a reputation audit, you need to determine the communication strategy and stakeholders and their expectations. By choosing relevant and effective platforms, you should try to create actual content “here and now”.

Watch the video to find out:

  1. four questions for rapid diagnostics, which will help to distinguish the crisis from the anxious situation;
  2. how search results influences on decision making by employer, client and partner;
  3. five steps you need to take to get out of an unexpected reputation crisis.

We truly thank speaker Serhii Bidenko and Head of the PR & Marketing HUB EBA Dnipro Olga Zenina for a wonderful and informative meeting.

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