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04/ 02/ 2021

On February 4, 2021, during the EBA Odesa HR & Marketing Hubs Joint Meeting, we learned about how to build a corporate culture in companies and why it can be considered the “office poker” rules.

As the co-moderator of the meeting Vadym Dumanchuk, Head of EBA Odesa PR & Marketing Hub, Strategic Communications Manager Bank “Pivdenny” highlighted: “Each company has its own unique culture, which consists of the work environment, values, communications, team, norms and standards of behavior that exist in the organization. In essence, these are the rules of the game that are played in the company because they are a tool for achieving business goals. Of course, each company has its own rules, which may change from time to time and they may not like. That’s why today’s webinar will focus on how to play this game. And of course, in order to play well, succeed and enjoy it, you need to know the rules of “office poker”.

During the event together with the speaker of the event Leonid Zyabrev, Head of Communications of “Oschadbank”, Senior Lecturer of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, participants learned the key rules of “office poker” and how does this knowledge help to achieve success at work and maintain mental health. Furthermore, we talked about the types of corporate cultures in various Ukrainian companies (from governmental agencies to foreign missions) and revealed how internal communication can change the “office poker” rules.

“It is impossible to create a corporate culture. It is a priori. Any activities that take place using internal and external communication channels are aimed at either maintaining its existing or changing it. In general, corporate culture for HR professionals is an applied field. You can give a very simple example from the recruitment practice. During the interview, the specialist analyzes not only the hard or soft skills of the candidate, but also predicts how this person fits into the existing team, the existing corporate culture”, -mentioned Natalia Vusyk, Head of EBA Odesa HR Hub, Head of Human Resources ‘’Ukratlantik’’ and co-moderator of the event, when she shared her experience about the “rules of the game” in enterprises from the point of view of the HR industry.

So, every company has an internal principles and rules that help to exist actively. They are named as a corporate culture or “office poker” rules. Thus, the flexibility of companies and their teams depends on corporate culture, because it ensures the harmonization of collective and individual interests of employees, mobilizes their initiative, fosters responsibility, improves communication processes and moral and psychological climate.

Thanks you all for an interesting and fruitful discussion. We hope that the answers to the questions that we have unveiled today will help you to form a corporate culture within teams and companies. So it will serve as a good foundation for business development in such a changing environment that prevails around the world today!

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