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03/ 11/ 2020

During the meeting we talked about the features of interactive digital advertising, which differs favorably from the traditional one, has its own capabilities and tools to attract and interact with the consumer.

Natalya Tachinska was introduced as a speaker. She is an art director and creative director with the 12-years experience in integrated advertising campaigns (https://talatach.com/).

Digital advertising is an involvement and interaction through creative solutions that evokes emotions and makes users be better acquainted with the brand.

Digital content is able to inform about the brand and with the help of using interactive, a two-way communication with customers is built.

Digital project is a multi-stage system that embodies technological solutions step by step to increase user interaction.

There were also presented examples of interesting cases, that had been successfully implemented in digital projects and customization (KIA GT RIDE, VR for AUDI).

To get a positive experience to attract users, you should:

  • create interaction at the macro and micro level;
  • improve details;
  • hold the attention;
  • customize and personalize content.

One of the disadvantages of interactive digital advertising is the fact that tools and cases become irrelevant quickly.


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Natalya Tachinska
The Art Director and Creative Director with the 12-years experience in integrated advertising campaigns, talatach.com
Natalya Tachinska


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