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08/ 10/ 2020

Today, the rules of the game in the labor market are changing, so businesses are making new demands on HR efficiency. In particular, managers and HR departments of companies have an even greater responsibility than before, because periods of economic instability always lead to a deterioration of mood within teams, and hence to temporary difficulties in doing business.

That is why, on October 8, 2020, at the Online meeting of the EBA HR Committee together with the speaker Nadiya Savchenko, СЕО HR Agency Key People and employees of the member companies of the Association, we decided to analyze the situation in the Ukrainian labor market in terms of the following objective circumstances: temporary suspension of labor exports to Europe, features of the market in businesses that have suffered less from the effects of global shut-down, staffing needs in industries that have suffered the most from quarantine. Also, we talked about the trend of remote work and remote teams, and how this trend affects local labor markets in each city (region) of Ukraine. Moreover, due to the change in the “rules of the game”, new specialists and positions became in demand, and the business began to make a number of demands on HR efficiency. Quarantine has changed everything, so staffing needs in the affected areas have also changed. Business has undergone reductions in the payroll, the remote mode is planned to be equated to office starting from 2021.

As we can see, finally, the profound changes in staffing, based on a qualitative analysis of data on employees – demographic, medical, organizational – as well as an analysis of macroeconomic and understanding of global trends, become more important than before. Thus, in the nearest future there will be relevant trends in the adjacency of professions, digitalization, remote teams, the effectiveness of teams within and more. Eventually, the issues of employee well-being and a sense of belonging as the main areas of work with staff became a priority for companies, confirming the need to focus on the person.


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Nadia Savchenko
Founder of Key People Recruiting Agency
Nadia Savchenko

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