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05/ 02/ 2020

A business success depends on how productively employees assume their responsibilities. Thus, their potential should be opened in accordance with their competences.

On February 5, 2020, at the EBA Odesa HR Hub meeting together with its Chairman – Natalia Yurganova we have learned about the following types of professional competencies (PC):

  • Basic – a set of personal qualities that determine a particular specialist effectiveness as a whole.
  • Special – a spectrum of knowledges, abilities and skills that are directly related to the professional activity of a particular specialist. These competences differ for various positions.

In turn, all the employee’s competencies reflecting the possibility of his/her personal growth. They conditionally are divided into two groups:

  • Technical – professional knowledge, skills and competences required by the employee for holding a specific position;
  • Behavioral – universal competencies of the employee, including personal characteristics.

Through the use of PCs employees understand what they need to know to be able to fulfill their work. Also, the results of the PC assessment help to identify priorities in vocational training and development, and that means managing budgets for training more efficiently and purposefully.

Mrs. Natalia explained in detail how more particularly to use a PC in practice. It allows you to screen out candidates at the entrance; to set the standard of professional requirements for new employees, to form programs of vocational education; to eliminate gaps in knowledge or the formation of new areas of professional expertise; to determine the level of remuneration within the salary fork, according to the results of a regular evaluation procedure; to compare professionals by level of professionalism; to identify the best for inclusion in the professional personnel reserve or in the mentoring program; to consider when appointing to a new position, assessing the employee compliance level with new professional requirements.

Therefore, we wish you a successful implementation of competency assessments and hope that this will help to improve your business performance.


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Nataliya Yurhanova
"Strategies for Change" founder, consultant for modeling of business processes, organizational structures and implementation of changes in companies, business psychologist, psychotherapist
Nataliya Yurhanova

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