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11/ 07/ 2019

Together with the Center for Public Monitoring and Research, on July 11, we held a working meeting of the Legal Committee on the Prozorro system.

Some key insights from the meeting:

  1. The Prozorro system was foremost created for the implementation of transparent public procurement, where public sector was a customer and the funds were from state budget. Now occasionally one can find customers from commercial sector in the system.
  2. To improve the procurement system, among other things it is important to increase the number of tenderers. Currently, 1 tender has for an average 2.5 participants. The highest activity of the applicants exists in the fuel industry. We invite you to try to participate in tenders and share your impressions afterwards.
  3. Prozorro has a system of appeals for tenderers. There is a mechanism for appeals to the State Audit Office, the Antimonopoly Committee. The quality of tender procedures is also checked by the Center for Public Monitoring and Research, Dozorro friends.

We thank experts Yuriy Kuzko and Oleh Blinov for the time and detailed answers to the questions of the participants.

We thank Natalia Anokhina, Head of Legal Committee for the idea of meeting and moderation!

Special thanks to Alina Boychuk for inviting us to conduct a meeting at PZU Ukraine office!

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