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25/ 07/ 2019


As reported by HeadHunter, every fourth worker is personally acquainted with the professional burnout syndrome. Another 16% did not encounter personally, but they know very well what it is. The majority of respondents have heard about such phenomenon, but they cannot describe it, while every fifth – and this is 20% – is not familiar with it at all …

We are constantly in stressful situations: the intensification of life, social, political, economic changes and so on. The overwhelming majority of enterprises work in a fairly turbulent atmosphere, that require constant attention, control over activities, interaction with people and cause emotional stress. All this provokes the emergence of the “professional burnout” syndrome – exhaustion of moral and physical strength, inevitably affects both the effectiveness of professional activity, psychological well-being, and relationships in a family.

There is no universal explanation of the grounds and effects of burnout. We can only assume that emergence of this syndrome is a result of certain individual psychological characteristics of a person and an influence of factors related to the nature of work. July 25, at EBA Odesa HR HUB, we discussed the topic “How to work with the staff effectively, avoiding professional burnout and in compliance with work-life balance”. Nadezhda Savchenko and Natalia Nesteruk told about the peculiarity of the “disease of the 21st century” and how to achieve work-life balance. Participants learned how a career plan affects to work efficiency and what is the secret to countering professional burnout of a manager and employees, how all of the above affect the HR-brand and staff engagement.

According to Nietzsche, “If you have your why for life, you can get by with almost any how” Resources to all of us – 😊


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Nadia Savchenko
Founder of Key People Recruiting Agency
Natalia Nesteruk
financier and business consultant
Nadia Savchenko
Natalia Nesteruk

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