Kharkiv Real Estate

09/ 07/ 2019

Experts always attract public attention, especially when it’s about real estate (RE) development market trends and forecasts. The participants of the meeting had a unique opportunity to receive inside information regarding residential and commercial properties in Ukraine and the Kharkiv region.

Igor Balaka underlined that RE market is recovering from a crisis and made a prediction of slow and steady increase in demand. The speakers shared information about inventory and price levels for residential properties. They analyzed trends in the commercial properties sector and explained the dynamics for market recovery. The experts also outlined the main obstacles for market development such as the lack of true data for market trend analysis, non- transparent markets and the increase in land taxes and other fees for real estate transactions.

Many thanks to the speakers and participants for the insightful and lively discussion!


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Igor Balaka
The Head of the EBA Real Estate, Investment and Strategic Development Committee in Kharkiv, Krona PPF Director General
Yuri Kostoglodov
ICOM Capital Executive Partner
Abdurakhman Shaykhalov
The Step by Step Group of Companies owner
Igor Balaka
Yuri Kostoglodov
Abdurakhman Shaykhalov

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