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21/ 05/ 2019

75 % of everyday human emotions are related to the smell. However, in general there are three channels of influence on a person: audio, visual and olfactory, and the effect with the aroma is one of the strongest. Therefore, it is not surprising that aroma marketing is becoming more and more popular and progressive companies are already using this tool for business actively.

Thus, it was aroma branding that we spoke about at ЕВА PR & Marketing HUB. The speaker was Khrystyna Kurganska, the olfactory expert, the founder of the first Ukrainian Agency of aroma branding, ol.Factory, where personal scents for the company are created or being selected from the existing ones – those ones that suit the spirit and values ​​of the company the best.

Therefore, what does the fragrance generally give, why spend extra money on it? Khrystyna Kurganska responds: “1. Positive emotions. 2. Customer loyalty. 3. Differentiation in the market. Between smell and emotion there is a strong emotional connection, the world-class companies have aroma-identity been registered in the brand-standards long time ago”.

In addition to creating its unique atmosphere, aroma solves the problem of bad odor (from cooking, the smell of old buildings, mixed smells, etc.). Scents are also used for certain purposes, for example, there is a scent for concentrating on figures and calculations; the composition contains a lemon necessarily.

In addition, we talked why aroma branding did not work, how to create and select a fragrance for the company, about the channels of influence through the aroma, how to introduce aromabrendig in a company. A great deal of new and useful information, many questions from those interested – this was the way EBA PR & Marketing HUB meeting went on.


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Kristina Kurganskaya
Founder and Managing Partner of Ol.factory - Flavor Management Service; olfactory expert
Kristina Kurganskaya


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