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03/ 04/ 2019

On April 3, in a cozy Walnut House Cafe, PR experts reviewed real cases and discussed the synergy of the legal and communication teams through reputational crisis:

Summing up the meeting, we share the generalized first steps to overcome crisis:

  1. Do not panic, inhale-exhale and do not rush to react. Avoid hast steps.
  2. A screen shot, or video recording of the screen are not proofing. Contact your lawyer promptly so that he maximally fixes the information that has been circulated.
  3. To assess potential risks (reputational / legal) of this situation, quickly meet or make a joint call with executives, lawyers, PR officers, the internal security service, PRs companies and other colleagues if necessary.
  4. Think about the purpose, the performers, the ultimate causes of the dissemination of false information and direct targeted actions to eliminate the real cause.
  5. Evaluate the maximum and minimum legal and PR risks.
  6. Prepare the company’s official position on the situation and a response plan that will consist of legal and PR events, actions.
  7. Give an official position. Do not lie, do not promise too much. If necessary, regularly inform the audience about the progress of the case (including your own staff).

We thank Oleh Kyryievskyi, Advice Group Partner and Viktor Halchynskyi, Head of the press service of KredoBank for expertise and presented cases! For hospitality – “Walnut House”.


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