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07/ 11/ 2018

Communications are an important mechanism for interaction between society and government and can be used as the most effective tool to implement important changes in the country.

This was the main reason we decided to invite Volodymyr Pavliv, Head of Mykolaiv District Court of Lviv Region, Speaker, Judge, Olena Hleba, Head of the Department of Communications with Civil Society Institutions and the Business at the Main Department of  State Fiscal Service in Lviv Oblast, Vira Protsiv, Inspector of the Public Relations Department of the Lviv Region Patrol Police. It was interesting to hear from the colleagues who work for state authorities what tools they use to create a proper image of the state body they represent.

Taking into account the comments of our experts, the tools are quite similar to those used in business, with the only difference that the actions of the state representatives are clearly regulated by law.


As Olena Hleba said: “If citizens are allowed to do everything that is not prohibited by law, then civil servants can only act according to what is written in laws, orders and decrees. For example, cooperation between State Fiscal Service and public regulated by an appropriate order for 50 pages with a clearly defined scope of our activity for us”.

Each of the services presented during our event has means to inform about their activities – websites, social media platforms, public meetings, participation at collaborative projects etc.

In particular, together with colleagues and NGOs, the patrol police takes many preventive measures and can now be proud of their results. For example, the School Policeman project fosters respect for road safety and children’s safety, the project with Pitbull warns against drunk driving, the Polina project counteracting domestic violence, STOP Drugs project exists to prevent the spread of drugs among young people and promote healthy lifestyles. For several years, the Main Department of the State Fiscal Service in Lviv Oblast holds a children’s art competition “Budget by the Children’s eyes”. Olena noted the pleasant fact that new generations of children change their attitude toward taxes.

Representatives of state bodies have a difficult task – restoring trust in the service.

For example, according to Ukrinform data trust in judges is 12% in 2017 in Ukraine. Although, for example, if we take data according to the answers provided by the participants in the Mykolaiv court process, the level of trust is much higher – 80-85%. Why do these indicators differ? The fact is that the majority of participants of general surveys usually did not have experience in interacting with the courts.


“We would like the public to talk about positive examples of interaction with the judicial system, because the network provides mostly negative information,” – commented Volodymyr Pavliv.

The experiment, which was held at a meeting between the participants, confirmed the words of Volodymyr. None of the participants who had the experience of visiting the court admitted that the experience was positive, and none of the participants talked about it either to friends or in social networks.

An interesting fact about modern courts is that court hearing is open and the public can participate in it.


It should be emphasized that serious work is being done not only with external stakeholders, but also internal ones, namely, service workers – judges, police officers and SFS employees. Vera Protsiv shared the experience of joint training with Canadian specialists. Despite the workload of a judge, since the number of cases per judge can be over 1500, training on communicating with the public and journalists is constantly being conducted according to Volodymyr Pavliv.

Olena Hleba said that explanatory work with SFS employees is ongoing, because it is their employees who shape the image of the service.

Speaking to representatives of state bodies, the participants of the meeting learned a lot of new facts for themselves and we hope to dispel certain established stereotypes.

We sincerely thank our guests for the meeting and the cosy bright Coworking Territory for a sincere and inspiring event!

We invite you to visit our next meeting on the interaction between business and media scheduled for December 5!


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