Kharkiv Real Estate

07/ 02/ 2018

The specialists predicted that 2017 would be a make-or-break year for Kharkiv real estate (RE) market. However, have their expectations come true? Ihor Balaka, the Head of Real Estate, Investments and Strategic Development Committee, Krona PLF Director General, revealed all the cards to the participants.

‘I can describe the developments at the Ukrainian RE market (especially in Kharkiv region) in a concise way – moderate optimism! Speaking about the interest for Kharkiv RE, it is present due to the highest investment rating of our city in Ukraine’, the expert says. ‘As for the RE price, it hasn’t changed significantly over 2017, though it has increased in UAH a bit. So, as we can see the market has ‘calmed down’.

Olexii Belinskii, Raiffeisen Bank Aval Senior Legal Advisor, has also attended the event. He talked about pledged property disposal, which can be made through SETAM state enterprise in accordance with the Civil Code and Mortgage Act of Ukraine (art. 38).

During active discussion, the participants shared their own forecasts, heard the specialists’ thoughts and expressed their hopes for the better future.

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