Automotive issues

30/ 07/ 2018

In the framework of the working group meeting, held in the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, with the aim to solve the question as for inclusion to the Classification of Economic Activities of a new type of economic activity “Providing of charging battery services”, was discussed the issue regarding the need to differentiate the Classification of Economic Activities code 35.1 “Production, electricity transfer and distribution” and introduction of separate code for electricity sale and importation of equipment intended for charging electric motor vehicles.

The Automotive Committee Coordinator of the European Business Association expressed support as for implementation of a new code for selling electric energy for electric cars charging, and it was emphasized that the market for electricity sale is not well organized, which negatively affects the development of the market of electric cars in general. Creating of the equal conditions for sale of electricity and infrastructure development will serve to stimulate the import of electric vehicles market and demand for such cars.

In addition, the Automotive committee representative emphasized on the need to stimulate the electric motor vehicles market in Ukraine by exempting from excise and value-added tax operations on import into the customs territory of Ukraine and supply of motor vehicles equipped exclusively with electric motors by 2023. At the same time, it is necessary to introduce a separate UKTZED code or subcode for commercial electric motor vehicles for the purpose of applying a zero import duty rate, as well as the value added tax and excise tax. The Automotive committee proposals will be sent to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

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