100 companies have already joined the pilot to digitize cheques

07/ 11/ 2018

By the beginning of November, nearly 100 companies joined the E-Receipt pilot project. They transfer data to the State Fiscal Service (SFS) using an electronic payment transaction registration system. The project started about six weeks ago. In general, it’s about using new technologies of registration of accounting operations (cash registers). 

According to the project, businesses use the computer software, and in the future, an application on smartphone or tablet – to transfer information about transactions to the SFS, to form and provide the consumer an electronic cheque. This option can also be used by consumers when calculating, receiving electronic versions of cheques.

Currently, various combinations are being reviewed and tested. The consumer will be able to receive, as now, a paper cheque. In addition, a cheque in electronic format on a convenient channel of communication – e-mail, in the form of an SMS message, on Viber etc.

Natalia Artemchuk Coordinator of the EBA Tax Committee
Cheques can be stored electronically, which is much more convenient and durable than paper versions. As you know, cheques over time lose quality of image, and this creates additional risks. According to this project, while making a purchase, the cheque will be stored electronically in the payer application and in the SFS database.

The pilot project is set to last for about a year. The software, open interfaces and applications are currently being refined. In addition, some details need to be clarified. For example, software requirements should be clearly specified – for information security, the amount of information that can be stored there, and so on.

As already noted, such digitization will significantly reduce the cost of doing business. For now, the installation of classic cash registers is a rather expensive procedure, especially for small and medium businesses. Since the device needs to be purchased and serviced.

The business community welcomes this pilot project. This is a step towards fiscal efficiency, the fight against the shadow economy and the introduction of a cashless-economy. At the same time, there are issues that require additional attention. For example, use POS terminals to transfer data to the SFS. In addition, it is necessary to provide online cheque options. Business is ready to actively cooperate with the Ministry of Finance and the SFS to achieve a successful outcome.

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