New ICA Certifications for the Business Community

13/ 08/ 2020

The EBA Compliance Department, Management Development Centre jointly with the International Compliance Association (ICA) and in partnership with Vasil Kisil and Partners offer compliance professionals and specialists who deal with compliance functions to obtain international certification in respective compliance field. The international compliance certification undertaken by the ICA will provide you with an opportunity to gain invaluable experience from respectful foreign trainers as well as to affirm your competence and knowledge as a highly qualified specialist in the field of compliance.

The diversity of compliance fields and professional levels covered by the ICA certification allows not only advanced compliance professionals with solid work experience in this field to certify their competency, but also approach practitioners who just want to get acquainted with a compliance function.

The ICA is the leading professional body for the global regulatory and financial crime compliance community. Since 2001, the ICA has enhanced the knowledge, skills and behavior of over 140,000 professionals in 152 countries either through their internationally recognized portfolio of professional qualifications or through accredited in-company training. The ICA certificates are awarded in association with Alliance Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester.

We are delighted to offer our community a special price for number of the ICA certification solutions that will boost your business and professional level of your specialists.

For more information, registration and getting a promo code for the discount, please contact

Liliya Yamborak (Liliya.Yamborak@eba.com.ua; +38 067 218 27 41) or

Anhelina Korshun (Anhelina.Korshun@eba.com.ua; +38 067 218 09 06)

List of the ICA certifications by levels:

Advanced level:

Intermediate level:

Specialist level:

Introductory level:

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