Advocacy successes of the week

14/ 08/ 2020

Despite the holiday season and the associated slowdown in business activities, this week turned out to be quite successful for the EBA member companies. Thus, government officials supported three initiatives that are proposed by the business community. Positive changes affected the woodworking and furniture, food, dairy and retail industries.

Here is some positive business news that happened during this week, in brief:

1. The timber harvesting has been unblocked in Zhytomyr oblast

The Ministry of Environmental Protection has approved the basic forest management materials of state forestries in Zhytomyr oblast. These materials contain a comprehensive assessment of forest management and the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of each forest area. They are necessary for planning and forecasting the use of forest resources, particularly, for issuing special permits (logging tickets) for timber harvesting to forestries.

Earlier, the European Business Association appealed to the Ministry of Environmental Protection with a request to approve the relevant materials as soon as possible. After all, the forest enterprises of the Zhytomyr region provide resources that are important to the national woodworking industry. According to the estimates, 20% of the total annual amount of wood used by wood processing companies is harvested in Zhytomyr Region.

2. New requirements for the content of contaminants in food products will come into force in Ukraine from 2021

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has approved updated state sanitary rules and regulations on the maximum permissible levels of certain contaminants in food. The respective Order №1238 sets new requirements for the content of nitrates, lead, mercury, mycotoxins, metals in food products in compliance with the EU regulation.

Thus, from February 4, 2021, Ukraine will follow the norms that have proven their safety and effectiveness as they were in force in Europe for more than 14 years. The business emphasized the importance of these changes for several years and took an active part in the discussion and preparation of proposals to this document. The adoption of these requirements eliminates trade barriers, as the contamination indicators will correspond to the EU norms. Besides, it will also contribute to Ukraine’s compliance with its international obligations under the Action Plan on implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

3. The National Police will ensure the unimpeded movement of trucks with perishable goods

At the request of the Association, the National Police of Ukraine will carry out explanatory works among the territorial units of the patrol police to prevent the ban on the movement of perishable goods. Particularly, this applies to the movement of milk trucks and refrigerated machines with perishable dairy products.

Earlier, the European Business Association reported illegal cases of stopping and banning the movement of trucks transporting perishable products in the summer. We hope that in the future we will be able to avoid cases of unauthorized delays in the traffic of milk trucks and refrigerators to not exert additional burden on the business.

We are grateful to the representatives of public authorities for the coordinated cooperation with the business that has enabled these achievements. Thus, we thank colleagues from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the State Forestry Agency, the Ministry of Health, and the National Police of Ukraine. We hope the business community will have more good news for the next week!


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