Write For Humans, Not For Robots

30/ 03/ 2017

Author: Julia Kolesnik, Senior copywriter of BBDO Ukraine, 11 years’ experience in advertising

When I read texts in style “Dear customers! In connection with the temporary shift of the opening date scheduled for June, we have to inform you … and blah-blah-blah ” I think – why? Why do they treat me like a robot? Do real people talk like this? Why are they (read “brand”) so sure that I will read the following text till the end? It crosses my mind very often – my work makes me pay attention to all texts around. But an ordinary person (your buyer or customer) doesn’t think about it. He just does not read to the end. Passes by. Switches channel. Scrolls down your post. Skips your information.

There are people behind any brand. And there are people in front of brands. Somehow, face to face they usually speak as human-beings, but when they are trying to communicate as a brand and TA we see only “Dear customers…”. Let us decide once and for all. We want our brand to be heard and loved, don’t we? So let us talk as humans.

At the workshop “Write for People, Not For Robots” we will learn how to do it. We will cover such issues:

  • We will talk about people – about how they differ from robots, get to know how to find the right psychological buttons and how to use them in your texts
  • We will learn how to distinguish good written texts from bad ones and practice to write both of them
  • We will create stories about brand and product and make sure that they are understandable and interesting to the reader
  • You will try yourself as editors and learn how to edit mercilessly, throwing out all unnecessary in the trash
  • We will get new experiences, inspiration and a portion of clear understanding of how to write in an interesting way

Skills and knowledge acquired at the workshop will help you not only write texts better, but also will make you reconsider your attitude to the text.

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