A “Hotline” and Full Access Are Open to Buyers of Medical Supplies

03/ 04/ 2020

For the time of the quarantine YouControl opens a “hotline” for consultations about medical procurement and full access for anyone who is engaged in it.

Procurement of medical supplies is now gaining momentum like never before. They are often needed for “the day before yesterday”. State-owned enterprises, business representatives, charitable foundations and initiative groups are looking for suppliers of the goods that have suddenly become scarce. Along with the process of supplying goods to hospitals, fulfilling the needs of employees who remain in the workplace during quarantine (employees of shops, supermarkets, strategic enterprises) continues.

This fuss and uncertainty are a favorable environment for frauds. At such times even old partners may betray. That is why the YouControl team with their initiatives decided to support the business that is most vulnerable right now, but works for all of us.

For everyone who needs to check a medical supplier right now, we allocated a “hotline”. Call: 044-334-50-90 (free of charge). It works daily from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.

A qualified specialist will help you figure out who you are facing: a reliable supplier or a fraud who may disappear with your money right after the advance payment.

If you already know how the YouControl system works and are ready to check medical suppliers by yourself, get full access. All you have to do is to fill in a request form.

When every minute is important and every hryvnia counts, there are no unnecessary resources about unreliable counterparties. We are all in one boat, so we must support each other to sail out of this “coronavirus swamp”. Our team decided to help with what we do best: with checking of partners for buyers of medical supplies,Sergi Milman, the founder and CEO of YouControl, commented.

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