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Meeting with Viktor Pavluschyk, Head of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption regarding the application of the Law of Ukraine “On Lobbying”

The EBA meeting with Viktor Pavluschyk, Head of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, and his team took place. The participants of the Association had the opportunity to discuss the creation of the Register of Transparency of the NAPC and other issues of application of the Law of Ukraine "On Lobbying".

Currently, the creation of the registry is at an initial stage, the technical task is being developed and the contract with the developer is being concluded. The register is planned to be launched by January 1, 2025, that is, before the entry into force of the Law on Lobbying. Official clarifications will be available after the launch of the registry, in addition, a test phase is planned before its final launch.

We are grateful to NAPC for a constructive approach and assistance in creating a transparent lobbying market. For their part, the representatives of the Association emphasized the important points that require additional settlement. In particular, they emphasized the importance of narrowing the definition of commercial interest and regulating the status of committee heads in business associations, who are representatives of companies and are not in labor relations with associations, but can publicly represent the position of business as a whole, and not just their company.

We thank Viktor Pavluschyk and his colleagues for their openness and willingness to cooperate. The Association's experts are ready to participate in testing the work of the register and will be grateful to the NAPC for such an opportunity!

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