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Let’s Talk – Piotr Dzik, CEO of Vaco Retail

Don't miss a new episod of Let's Talk with Piotr Dzik, CEO of Vaco Retail, which sheds light on the intricacies of international business and the tremendous potential of the Ukrainian market.

In this interview, you'll gain insights into:

✅ Market entry strategies and how to adapt to local customer behaviors
✅ The impact of European Union regulations on product registration
✅ Overcoming the challenges of market instability and fierce competition
✅ Valuable advice for future investors in Ukraine

00:00 - Intro
01:31 - Operations in the Chemical & Cosmetic Industries
05:13 - Partnering and subcontract production
08:25 - What should an ideal business partner look like?
11:09 - On a successful strategy for entering the Ukrainian market
15:53 - Challenges of production costs
17:47 - Impact of European Union regulations on product registration
19:48 - Supporting Ukraine and seizing the opportunity
21:51 - Are there any financial protection measures established?
23:05 - Challenges in the Ukrainian market
26:11 - Advice for future investors

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