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EBA Dnipro Family Business Timelines: CONCORDBANK

EBA Dnipro Office held an video interview with sisters Olena and Yulia Sosedka, co-founders of CONCORDBANK, in frames EBA Dnipro Family Business Timelines project. CONCORDBANK is one of the first in Ukraine among small banks who received a principled membership of MasterCard and is a current associate member of the international payment system Visa International. In the course of the conversation sisters, an excellent example of successful women in business, explained how they managed to share responsibilities as well as to strengthen family relations.

The sisters shared:

  • exclusive insights and stories from their childhood;
  • events that had led them to create family business;
  • the tradition of baking delicious challahs for bank employees by themselves;
  • tips on restoring living resources and the most useful and effective morning ritual.

Watch the video and learn more useful information from our speakers.

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