Does Ukraine need a vehicle inspection?

28/ 09/ 2017

Any state has its own system of technical inspection, peculiarities of the organizational structure of state bodies and their powers.

But the same categories of vehicles remain for inspection: frequency of inspections for each category, list of vehicle equipment and requirements, verification methods, as well as determining the significance of non-conformities and the form of certificates.

With the signing of the Association Agreement, Ukraine has undertaken a number of commitments, one of which is to provide a periodic check of suitability for use of vehicles, by implementing the provisions of Directive 2009/40 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council “On the examination of the technical condition of motor vehicles and their Trailers for serviceability “dated May 6, 2009.

Today, in Ukraine, only vehicles that carry out commercial transportation must be subject to mandatory technical inspection, and inspections of passenger cars from 2011 are not mandatory. This greatly influenced the aging of the Ukrainian fleet and led to an increase in the number of accidents with injured or dead.

As the practice showed, the conditions for passing mandatory inspection in Ukraine were exclusively corrupt. However, if we are talking about road safety, then there is a need to introduce a clear and transparent mechanism for the review with a simplified list of rules and procedures.

Introduction of mandatory inspection in Ukraine is extremely necessary. The frequency of passing a technical inspection for new cars should be every 2-3 years, for used cars older than 3 years – every 1-2 years.

With regard to the use of cars that are subject to exchange, for example, under the system of “trading-in”, their inspection can be carried out only by dealerships, which have all the necessary means for it and are ready to fully bear responsibility for such inspection and inspection.

In turn, member companies of the European Business Association are ready to initiate a system of training by the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of dealers’ enterprises on the examination of the technical condition and verification of identification numbers with the issuance of certificates and a clearly defined liability for possible violations, which in turn will reduce the potential risk manifestations of corruption. Information about the results of such researches may be submitted to the specialized electronic database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for carrying out inspections by the controlling bodies.

It is also important to issue a certificate of suitability of the vehicle, which will include: category and identification number; VIN code; national mark of Ukraine as the state in which the vehicle is registered; information about the date and place of the last and next inspection; compliance of the vehicle with environmental norms; mileage at checkpoint; the results of the technical review, indicating the list of identified failure codes, as well as the code of the authority issuing the certificate of suitability. The certificate must be accompanied by a certificate in the form of a coupon or a sticker on the suitability of the vehicle, indicating the date of the next inspection and compliance with environmental standards.

It is also important to note that the average age of cars in Ukraine is 19.6 years. Unfortunately, due to its technical condition, a significant number of cars, unfortunately, will not be able to meet the requirements of compulsory technical inspection, which could lead to the rejuvenation of the Ukrainian automobile park and, thus, affect the improvement of the ecological state by reducing emissions of exhaust gases into the atmosphere.

A technical review of cars is available in all civilized countries. In the EU, the technical inspection is carried out exclusively at the service station. The main criterion is the availability of car-certified equipment and software for diagnostics of automobiles. If during a technical inspection of a service station there is a malfunction that threatens road safety, the car will not be able to leave the territory of the service station. The main focus is on the environmental and safety of the vehicle. New cars under the age of 3 who are serviced by dealers do not undergo a technical review.

In the neighboring states of the post-Soviet area, passing of vehicle inspection is also obligatory for all vehicle owners. Different types of cars have their own frequency of passing.

European Business Association members believe that Ukraine must comply with the Association Agreement stipulated by the Association Agreement and introduce a mandatory technical review not only for commercial trucks and buses, but also for passenger cars.

Mandatory vehicle inspection must comply with European standards, and its purpose should be not corruption, but road safety improvement.

Source: Novoe Vremia

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