Business summed up results of the first month of daily balancing in the gas sector

18/ 04/ 2019



Today a meeting of the EBA business community with representatives of Ukrtransgaz and The National Commission for state regulation of energy and utilities (NKREKP) took place on the results of the first month of work of daily balancing on the natural gas market. In general, EBA member companies reported a broadly successful launch of the daily balancing platform. At the same time, attention was focused on certain problems, which are gradually being resolved with the assistance of the operator of the Gas and Transport System (GTS) and the Regulator.

It was stressed that today there are no delays in nominating, as occurred before. According to Ukrtransgaz, in March imbalances in gas withdrawal dropped significantly to 0.34 billion cubic meters (negative daily unbalance) and 0.24 billion cubic meters (positive daily balance) compared to January-February 2019. For comparison, in January the daily unbalance amounted was 2.87 billion cubic meters (negative) and 2.33 billion cubic meters (positive). This means that in the balancing mode, suppliers began to better regulate their selections. In addition, daily operation between the gas transmission system and underground gas storage facilities were synchronized.

However, some issues still require settlement, for example, it is important to find ways to address the issue of unauthorized selection. For their part, representatives of the GTS Operator talked about the next steps to improve the functioning of the gas market.

So, in the nearest future regulatory changes should be approved for power distribution, the system of commercial balancing will be improved, and some practical issues of system optimization will be resolved.

Also, since May 1, the ordering of capacities will occur at exit points. At the same time, the function will not change significantly, but training on innovations with market participants will be conducted in the nearest future. Maximum effort will also be directed at the launch, optimization and cooperation with trading platforms for more efficient balancing of the system and the launch of an information platform for underground storage facilities (underground gas storage facilities), which will display information on traffic, volume and natural gas reserves for companies.

The European Business Association thanks Ukrtransgaz and NKREKP for meeting and holding such productive dialogue!

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