Trends of the Future : What to Do in Quarantine Today to Withstand the Crisis Tomorrow

30/ 04/ 2020

Uncertainty is the best precondition for growth. Pandemic created this abeyance. So what shall we do? Keeping in mind current trends – to find new products, sales tools, create new values, team up with partners, retain and develop team, act quickly.


The virtual world has become an integral part of our lives. However, human-initiated digitalization for the sake of progress has created imbalance – human fear of being superseded by robots. Hence the desire for personalization: craft products, monocafes, monobrands, individual approach and work on customer involvement.

MANEZH is a team of craftsmen. Offering sun-protective systems, we create individual solutions for each client. Terraces of  the Veranda on the River, Mr. Zuma, Par Bar, “JZL” restaurants in Kyiv, Benedikt and Maman in Odesa, “Kedy iskustvoveda” in Dnipro city and Kyiv are equipped with M-OCEAN pergolas developed by MANEZH. Wherein each project is unique and company’s approach to every task is individual.

Benedikt restaurant, Odesa. M-Ocean pergola. Implementation – MANEZH


It’s time to team up with both partners and competitors. Today  in order to earn money, we need to change our values and form entrepreneurial-oriented thinking.

For instance, terrace project implementation is a partnership with architects, furniture and terrace makers, landscapers, etc.

Today time is money. To complete an order quickly, we team up with those who deliver the freight and lift it to the object. It saves not only our time, as well as time and money of the customer.

The third example is cooperation with competitors. If a competitor has a customer but does not have the right solution for him, we are invited to partner up with them in order to implement client’s request jointly.

An example of this trend in Europe is Art Basel – the largest art fair, which brings together Christies and Sotheby’s auction houses. If a client comes to one of them looking for Kunst, but the auction house does not have artist’s works, the art-director will lead a guest to a competitor so that money remains in the art industry and will not be spent on buying a yacht. As by the end of the year, Deloitte will show the decline in the art market and the growth in the market of other luxury goods. Therefore the next year rich people will invest money to where the performance is better.


It is growth of large cities based on the absorption of small ones. All social, political and economic life is concentrated in metropolitans. This leads to a shortage of space and time. The areas of hotel rooms, cafes, restaurants are getting smaller and the franchise is growing in popularity. A franchise is a more secure way of doing business when an entrepreneur gets, in fact, a model solution, standards, design and tries himself in an unfamiliar industry without risking all his money. Nowadays, a franchise is a safer option than having capital in a bank.

Responding to this trend in 2019, MANEZH developed series of typical solutions for terraces – Lite, which includes pergolas Sota, Sigma, Sweet and umbrella Sola. This line of solutions is an economical option for chain cafes, small restaurants, private houses. Modularity and mobility allows to order, assemble and disassemble construction with minimal time waste.

Energy Efficiency

Last August, we were already on credit with nature. Buildings in cities consume half of the world’s energy, which we mainly get from non-renewable sources of nature. Along with this there is sun, wind, seas and oceans. The world needs eco-friendly and energy-efficient solutions. Therefore, there is a growing demand for passive and active houses that are built using energy-saving technologies. Outdoor sun-protective systems are one of the main tools of this technology. They increase energy efficiency of the buildings by 40%, are easy to install, and reduce the cost of lighting, air conditioning and heating. This is important for everyone, because we spend twice as much energy on cooling than on heating.

188 by Safari restaurant, Dnipro. M-Ocean pergola, Screen Spectrа ZIP system. Implementation – MANEZH

Such systems as Screen Spectra ZIP pass from 5 to 12% of the heat and facade blinds – from 7 to 14%. These systems lower the room temperature by 5-7 °C in summer and reduce heat loss by up to 40% in winter.

MANEZH is developing the trend of energy efficiency, expanding the direction of facade solutions. Thus, we change the cultural level of the consumer, his approach to the organization of space, and also affect the change in the architecture of our cities, regions and Ukraine as a whole.

Zafferano restaurant. M-Ocean pergola. Implementation – MANEZH

«JZL» restaurant. Bioclimatic pergola M-Ocean Line. Implementation – MANEZH


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