TOP supplier of alcoholic products Global Spirits about business process automation

03/ 09/ 2020

Global Spirits is one of the world leaders in alcohol production, the largest international alcohol holding in Europe. The structure of the holding includes the largest production sites of Khortytsia Distillery and Odessa Cognac Factory, equipped with high-tech equipment from world leaders, as well as the UDC distribution company. The holding’s portfolio includes vodka, cognac and wine brands. Global Spirits products are exported to more than 87 countries. The head office is located in New York (USA). Own distribution in the 31st state of America.

To cooperate with more than 60 retail chains in Ukraine, Global Spirits needs automated solutions for business processes, including supply chains. Paperwork significantly slows down data exchange, price negotiation, and transaction signing.

EDI documents (electronic structured documents (xml) in accordance with EANCOM international standards) are transmitted via the EDI-NETWORK platform of the EDIN provider in a few seconds, while sending paper copies can take from 2 hours to 2 days: “As a result of the implementation e-document management we have achieved 100% automation in the supply chain. We managed to significantly reduce errors in shipping products, optimize operating costs, and save on consumables “- comments Anna Trygub, Logistics Director of UDC.

“Currently, we have automated the supply chain by implementing the following EDI messages:

  • ORDERS (order) – sends the supplier a list and quantity of ordered goods;
  • ORDRSP (order confirmation) – helps to avoid supply disruptions to the network;
  • DESADV (shipment notification) – helps to simplify and speed up the process of receiving goods, track delivery;
  • RECADV (notification of acceptance) – on its basis we can create an invoice for payment or adjustment of accounting accounting documentation;
  • IFTMIN (transport instructions) – the document contains data on the details of transportation, which ensures the reliability of timely and complete delivery;
  • INVOICE (invoice) – before receiving the goods or services, our partner knows exactly what payment and in what time frame to make;
  • COMDOC (packages of legally significant documents) – allows you to transfer any type of document with the possibility of CEP.

Today, thanks to the implementation of the integration solution E-SIGN, which provides fast work with QES, cooperation with our company has become as simple, convenient and mutually beneficial for all parties “- said Anna Trygub.

EDIN is an all-Ukrainian provider of e-document circulation. The main competence of the provider is electronic data interchange (EDI – Electronic data interchange). The provider’s customers are more than 7000+ contractors (retail chains, suppliers, distributors, etc.).

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