Oleksandr Tarabukhin

Oleksandr Tarabukhin


EBA events are prioritized in my business plans as most of them help to manage many tasks: being aware of popular trends and opening new ways in addressing the challenges and concerns, developing the perception of routine process and giving the possibility of approbation of knowledge in professional discussion with colleagues.

Educational initiatives remain the important intellectual part of the EBA proactive role, where each participant finds something useful and appropriate. Relevant topics, informative content and creative curriculum are particular features of EBA events. Job oriented meetings on transfer pricing, coding the goods and services, risk management, corporate governance are of an applied nature. It was extremely useful to discuss such topics as creation of websites in Google, styles and templates in Scrum/Agile, development the personal image in social nets as well as task and time management mechanism that is crucial for everybody.

Thanks for the professionalism and creativity-inspiring atmosphere!

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