Oleg Bogdan

Oleg Bogdan


I opened EBA Management Development Centre and got acquainted with its great team nearly one year ago. I showed a huge interest and realized the value of information after visiting the first event.

The proposed topics are various and relevant for today. Most speakers are distinguished practitioners who can run their business competently and, what is more important, have a wide experience in addressing specific problems and controlling life situations. Every training is not only an updated executive summary of relevant information from the first person but a place to discuss real cases, find ways for problem solving and escalating to the next level. I am not surprised as the majority of visitors (audience members) are specialists of the prominent state and international companies, EBA members.

I am convinced that the information gathered in the events of EBA Management Development Centre will be a useful accumulation of knowledge for special experts, top managers and shareholders of companies from different sectors.

Time spent with EBA Management Development Centre is broadening the horizons, generating new knowledge and skills, stimulating fresh ideas! It is exciting to be on your side!

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