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Pulse International

Company awards:
Forever Together

A unique award for the companies of “full age” that reached 18+ years old with the EBA. This is definitely a love for life, because how else to explain such a long relationship? 😊 And we want to go out and tell all the world about it.

Digital Friend

Наша сама дружня ечівка для компаній, котрі беруть участь в EBA Digital Friends Movement. Разом, з такою потужною спільнотою, ми досягнемо нових висот!


The Bravery Award honors companies that fearlessly navigate the turbulent waters of wartime in Ukraine. We are proud of your resilience, remarkable adaptability, and commitment to conducting business in Ukraine.

We are full-service sales and marketing agency the first and the biggest BTL services provider in Ukraine and in the past three years officially recognised as the No.1 marketing Agency in the country. Operating since 1993 with more than 1400 full-time staff nationwide, we reach more than 2500 cities, towns and settlements, population over 5000. We’ve worked with over 100 leading Ukrainian and international brands (spanning 17 years) from our Head Office in Kyiv, and our universe extends to over 96,000 outlets nationwide. Over 130 staff work in our Head Office, specialising in Research, Sales and Merchandising, Promotions, Logistics, Staff and Accountancy Outsourcing, Trainings, Event-Management and PR. Pulse has a uniquely experienced marketing & communications team that offers full service strategic and advertising support, for any brand or service. Pulse’s operation fully supports our teams working in the field, dedicated internet and remote software administration provides full communication for data to be quickly collected by our head office for analysis. We are committed to our clients business by providing measurable solutions, with defined targeting and detailed reporting, that guarantee superior results! As a strategic partner to our clients, we aim only for success

Please note!
Collaboration of companies with shared values is main goal of this project.
We will receive your message and, in two work days, we will redirect it to a company's employee whom it can be as useful as possible.
Your company has 10 opportunities per year to get acquainted with other companies. If you want to increase this amount, please contact us
Please note, that according to EBA Code of Conduct it is prohibited to perform on the EBA platform any coordinated actions, which may limit the competition between the EBA Members.
Write us in case of additional questions and suggestions.

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