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Versuni Ukraine

“Versuni Ukraine” LLC, which is a subsidiary of Versuni Holding B.V. (Netherlands), a leading technology company that sells product solutions under the brands Philips, Saeco, L’OR Barista and others. The Versuni company helps consumers all over the world to have a comfortable and modern life. And we understand how important simple moments in life are.

Our mission is to turn houses into cozy homes. We believe that a home is more than four walls and a roof. It’s about having a place you can truly call your own. A cozy house smells of coffee and home-cooked meals, it is clean, ironed and breathes freely. This is exactly what our innovative products are designed for – so that people can lead a healthier and happier life. To achieve its mission, the company works in many countries of the world, including Ukraine.

“Versuni Ukraine” LLC has been operating in Ukraine since 2021 and is the only official importer of home care products under the Philips trademark on the territory of Ukraine. “Versuni Ukraine” LLC, through direct contracts with legal entities of the Versuni group of companies, imports into the territory of Ukraine such products as solutions for improving air quality, care for fabrics and surfaces, kitchen appliances under the Philips TM, as well as coffee machines under the Philips, Saeco and L TM ‘OR Barista.

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