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Swisspan Limited

Swisspan Limited LLC is a laminated chipboard producing company, with the production facilities located in Ukraine. Shareholder of Swisspan Limited LLC – Swiss company SORBES AG which is also owner of the similar plant in Estonia. The company was established in 2003 as a producing company and was transformed into a comprehensive chipboards producing company. Swisspan Limited LLC is a team of 800 professionals dedicated to the goal of producing high quality products and services to its customers. Our plant is located in Kostopil, Rivne region, Ukraine. Widely reconstructed and expanded in 2004 – 2006, the plant is one of the largest production plant of its kind in Ukraine. The production facilities of the plant consists of 2 production lines of chipboards production, 4 lamination lines for laminated chipboards production (MFC) and also includes the resin production plant to guarantee the demand for resin as a main raw materials component in chipboards production. The plant has good geographic location towards domestic markets and also all facilities to provide delivery of the goods to export markets (namely railroad branch coming into warehouse). Swisspan Limited LLC has gained a reputation of a reliable chipboards supplier for the furniture industry. Our range of chipboards assortment can meet most demanding specifications of furniture producers. Any furniture producers or construction materials traders can therefore purchase the full range of thicknesses and decors of laminated chipboard just from one source. For most furniture producers and construction materials traders, Swisspan Limited LLC for last 10 years still one of the key suppliers of laminated chipboards. We have the good knowledge of domestic market from one hand and strong wood supply because of good location from the other. Swisspan Limited LLC producing laminated chipboards in formats: 2750х1830 мм, 2440х1830 мм in more than 120 different decors, full range of thicknesses (10 mm, 12 mm, 15mm, 16 mm, 18 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm) and 5 stamping of chipboards producing now. Now Swisspan Limited LLC have more than 300 contractors in Ukraine having nearly 25% of the Ukrainian market and supplying chipboards to Poland, Moldova, Belorussia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaidzhan, Uzbekistan

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