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“ODEK” Ukraine

Company awards:

The Bravery Award honors companies that fearlessly navigate the turbulent waters of wartime in Ukraine. We are proud of your resilience, remarkable adaptability, and commitment to conducting business in Ukraine.

“ODEK” Ukraine LLC is a wood-processing factory located in the north-west of Ukraine. The mill was founded in year of 1881. In present the main product is birch and filmfaced plywood, glued with BFU-20 (interior) and BFU-100 (exterior) resins. “ODEK” employs around 1400 workers. The annual production capacity is approximately 105 000 cubic meters of plywood. The factory is equipped with high-quality machinery of the worlds leading producers in wood-working industry: Raute, Steinemann, Holzma, Schwabedissen, PlyTec, Kuper, Pagnoni Impianti, Weeke and others.

The bonding quality of “ODEK” plywood is proven by Brandenburg materials’ check authorities (Materialprufungsamt des Landes Brandenburg) since January 2003.

“ODEK” quality management system is certified by BVQi in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 since June 2004 and ISO 9001:2008 since May 2010.

EC Certificate of factory production control (0502 – CPD – 10004) confirms, that our wood-based panels are produced according to European norms & regulations since July 2004.

Plywood production at “ODEK” acts in compliance with Chain of custody standard (FSC ICILA-COC-000090) since March 2005.

“ODEK” plywood fulfils the requirements of CARB Phase 2 of formaldehyde emission (certificate 311/2012 – TPC-19).

“ODEK” Ukraine LLC is the only representative of Ukrainian plywood producers in “European Plywood Federation” (FEIC).

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