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FACTOR Publishing and Consulting Corporation

Company awards:

The Bravery Award honors companies that fearlessly navigate the turbulent waters of wartime in Ukraine. We are proud of your resilience, remarkable adaptability, and commitment to conducting business in Ukraine.

FACTOR Corporation is one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine specializing on providing of consulting services and release of periodicals and the literature concerning the theory and experts of book keeping and the taxation, business, the right, office-work etc. We are the leader in the field of high-quality polygraphy, manufacture of newspapers and publishing. The main objective of FACTOR Corporation is creation of the comfortable information environment for operation and development of the Ukrainian business, development of national polygraphy and publishing. Solving problems facing corporation is carried out by organizational associated system of the enterprises and the organizations which specialize on various activities and are coordinated in a context of whole-corporation goals. The main value of the corporation is unique knowledge and the experience, saved up by the enterprise since 1991 – year of its creating. There are well-known brands and trade marks in our active. Our command of the high quality professionals and certificated experts is capable to solve any challenges put before corporation. Not stopping on reached, the corporation actively develops new directions, winning the new markets and expanding areas of influence. The relationships with partners FACTOR builds on the basis of mutual trust, reliability, the responsibility and high professionalism. We are opened to cooperation and we make all efforts that our activity is as much as possible useful to society.

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