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Company awards:

The Bravery Award honors companies that fearlessly navigate the turbulent waters of wartime in Ukraine. We are proud of your resilience, remarkable adaptability, and commitment to conducting business in Ukraine.

JSC “Weidmann-MPM” has a 150-year history, dating back to its foundation in 1871 as a fairly typicalindustrial operation, producing paper for “writing and smoking”.

In 2000 the company joined the international Weidmann Group – the world leader in high-voltage insulation for power transformers, serving customers around the world.

At present the mill, which is certified in accordance with International standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 specializes in manufacturing transformer board, electrical insulation papers for power cables and transformer windings, crepe paper and papers for various other industrial applications, including packaging, filtration, wallpaper covering.

Located in Malyn, 100 km to the North-West from Keiv, JSC “Weidmann-MPM” is one of the biggest Weidmann’s production units in Europe. In Eastern Europe it is the only mill that could supply its customers almost all grades of electrical insulation paper and board which corresponds to state and international standards. To maintain its leadership position the company modernizes production, increases its capacity, a number of processes and operations are being automated to improve product quality.

The company has repeatedly won prestigious competitions and its products are highly rated by consumers.

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