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Margo PP

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Ваші колеги мали від 10 до 29 відвідин наших тренінгів та/або програм з розвитку протягом року? То ми залюбки напишемо про це у Facebook.


The Bravery Award honors companies that fearlessly navigate the turbulent waters of wartime in Ukraine. We are proud of your resilience, remarkable adaptability, and commitment to conducting business in Ukraine.

The company “Stefes” which includes TOV “Stefes”, a registration company, and PP “Margo”, which sells plant protection products, has been on the agrarian market of Ukraine for 16 years. Our production is well-known and popular among the Ukrainian farmers. Our assortment makes it possible to find an individual approach to each farm, that is to solve even the most complicated technology problems by cultivating sugar beet and other crops. The company is constantly developing itself, it continues to expand a spectrum of its products. Today we have 22 registrations of plant protection products for sugar beet, rape, wheat, corn. We have exclusive system of protection for sugar beet. The quality-price ratio enables the farms to arrange protection of high quality for the cultivated crops and to reduce the cost price of their agricultural production. Due to the single component products it is possible to combine the necessary active ingredients and to regulate the application rates, taking into the consideration the situation on the field. And multi component products make it possible to reduce dependence on the human factor. There is a qualitative consulting support, concrete advice concerning application offered together with the supply of the pesticides. Also the company organizes Field Days, where it shows experimental grounds which are situated directly in the farms. Our team is a team of people sharing the same ideas which works for our customers, keeping high level of business ethics and effective interaction. Professionalism and competence of our specialists is quarantee of success of the whole company. Our advantages are quality + experience + professionalism + responsiveness. We fulfill our promises and we guarantee the quality of our products as the customers’ trust is our most valuable achievement.

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