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Crystal Glass

Company awards:

The Bravery Award honors companies that fearlessly navigate the turbulent waters of wartime in Ukraine. We are proud of your resilience, remarkable adaptability, and commitment to conducting business in Ukraine.

The company’s main activity direction is development, introduction and manufacturing, import and export of plastic packaging (bottles, jars, containers, accessories) for medicine, perfume cosmetic, food, liquid spirit, agrochemical, veterinary and chemical industries. The company is well-known for being professional, high-quality, efficient and reliable. COMPANY’s Products: FOR MEDICINE INDUSTRY: – PET bottles and jars (from 10 to 250 ml.) for packaging of liquid and friable medicine remedies, medications and biologically active additions. – Plastic corking means (caps, closures, droppers) for glass and plastic bottles. – Plastic containers (from 12 to 125 ml) for friable medicine remedies (vitamins, pills, BADs etc.) for creams and liniments. FOR PERFUME COSMETIC INDUSTRY: – PET bottles for cosmetic products from 10 to 350 ml with cosmetic necksize of 18, 20, 24 mm (shampoos, gels, baby oils, etc.); – Perfume caps for glass bottles; – Cosmetic caps; – Caps for nail enamel bottles; – Cream jars; – Perfume glass bottles; – Glass nail enamel bottles; – Accessories (brushes, sprayers, mist sprayers, lotion sprayers, caps, flip tops, disc tops, triggers, etc.) – Decoration of oval, rectangular caps and closures by foil hot stamping and evaporation (vacuum metallization); FOR FOOD INDUSTRY: – PET jars for spices and seasoning with necksize 38mm vol. 70 and 100ml – Different kinds of sifters for handy dozing; – Jars with necksize 61,5mm vol. from 150 to 500ml – Caps with and without tamper evidence; FOR AGROCHEMICAL INDUSTRY: – PET bottles vol. from 10 to 300ml – Measuring accessories FOR LIQUID SPIRIT INDUSTRY: -Closing means for glass bottles (caps, corks, dosers) – Souvenir PET bottles for vodka, wine and cognac.

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