KYIV NOT KIEV: Zelenskyy’s Reforms; Saakashvili Returns to UA Politics; and Anti-Kolomoisky Bill

15/ 05/ 2020

“I have never seen any episode of the “Servant of the People” TV series, but it seems like I live in the one,” Tetiana Gaiduk commented to the Argentinian newspaper “La Nacion” following the elections last year. So, together with Polina Boichuk, the girls from the TRUMAN Agency team discuss if President Zelenskyy is that similar to reformist president Holoborodko from the movie. Among other hot stories of the week were the appointment of Mikheil Saakashvili to the position of the Head of the Executive Committee of Reforms and the Parliament’s vote for the so called anti-Kolomoisky bill, despite the record 16,000 amendments submitted to hinder the process. 

Watch more for the two challenges – #StopCulturalQuarantine calling upon the government to start developing a joint plan for the creative industry’s return to work and #ProudUkrainian Challenge! We are inviting you to participate in the #ProudUkrainian Challenge posting a video and telling us what it means for you to be #ProudUkrainian, though living miles away. 

#KyivNotKiev features most recent highlights from Ukraine including: updates on the Ukraine-U.S. relations, internal political developments, economy, culture and behind the scenes insights. For each of the news, #KyivNotKiev provides its short analysis and explains what that or another event means for Ukraine and for its international partners; and why it is important to follow the news from Ukraine. Watch the new episodes each Thursday at 10pm (Kyiv time). And remember – KYIV NOT KIEV!

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