Open Lecture: Building a Brand that Works

  • Date: 14/05/2019
  • Language: Russian
  • Time: 10:00 - 12:00
  • Fee:free of change for EBA members

HUB 4.0 (1/3 Yaroslavskyi lane)

To build a brand for your own business is a necessary but rather difficult task. Why are some brands consistently successful and valued over the years and some do not get results even after the most massive advertising campaigns? The answer is that the brand success is not about luck, limitless budgets or market conditions, but a mix of fundamental work, concentration on internal processes, and systematic testing of hypotheses.

EBA Management Development Center team together with Filberry invite you to join the Open Lecture: Building a Brand that Works.

Outcome: after visiting the lecture every participant will be able to assess the scale of brand building, to evaluate key processes within the company necessary for brand’s success, and will obtain information that will allow to begin building or rebuilding a brand from within the company or outsource some of such work. 

SpeakerOleksiy Filanovskyi, co-founder, managing partner of the marketing consulting agency Filberry, architect of such brands as Prime, Snow Panda, Foxtrot, Prom, and author of the “The Book of Marketing».

Main partner: Filberry

Partners: HUB 4.0Coca-Cola Ukraine2Amovers

Target audience: business owners, C-level executives, marketing directors, as well as professionals involved in brand developing and promoting.

Topics under discussion:

  • To own information is to own the brand
  1. What information should be gathered before building a brand.
  2. Necessary knowledge about the company, market and audience.
  3. How to gather such information and work with it.
  4. Conducting research, and other sources of such data. 
  • Foundation of the brand and «the key stones”
  1. How to find and work with brand essence, promises and values.
  2. Why brand values are needed in company’s everyday life.
  3. Business plan for a specific brand. Key indicators.
  4. Hypotheses about brand development and their testing.
  • Tactical actions
  1. Brand and product. How they relate and mutually influence.
  2. The resources involved in brand building. How to plan and allocate them.
  3. How to collect and track key indicators.
  4. Distribution and its role in brand relationships with customers.
  5. Bright outer part of the brand. What to consider in your communication platform.

Registration is obligatory. To become a participant, please, click the «Register» button. Only the users of the EBA site can register at the event. Number of listeners is limited. Should you have any questions, please, write at development@eba.com.ua or call (044) 496-06-01. 


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Oleksiy Filanovskyi
Co-founder, Managing Partner of Filberry, the Marketing Consulting Agency
Oleksiy Filanovskyi

You can send a question to:

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Anastasiia Mutas

044 496 06 01


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