Online-Lecture: Combinational Thinking in Business and Crisis Management

  • Date: 10/09/2020
  • Language: Ukrainian/Russian
  • Time: 11:00 - 12:30
  • Fee:free of charge for EBA members

STEFES Virtual Hall

It’s not always easy to establish, grow and maintain a business. But it is even more difficult to act regardless of resource scarcity, the onset of the global economy, the constant change of rules and the absence of a favorable business climate in the country. How do you manage to stay afloat? What allows to be in trend, successfully rebuild from competitors, constantly increase sales and confidently raise the capitalization?

The answer is simple: successful managers courageously make non-linear asymmetric decisions, act vigorously, quickly correct mistakes. Fortunately, the global economy, the information age, and technological advancements are breaking outdated stereotypes, opening new, unprecedented possibilities that can now be implemented, including combinational thinking and acting on fresh algorithms, which will be featured during the open lecture.

EBA Management Development Centre together with Edu Future 7W invite you to take part in the Online-Lecture: Combinational Thinking in Business and Crisis Management.

This Online-Lecture is scheduled for September, 10 at 11:00 and will be streamed via Zoom.us.  Link to the live stream will be provided the day before event.

Speaker: Volodymyr Spivakovskyi, founder of «Edu Future», founder of lyceum «Grand», record holder of the Guinness Book of Records.

Main partnerEdu Future 7W

Target audience: entrepreneurs, analysts, managers.

Topics under discussion:

  • Benefits of a combinational business.
  • Winning examples in crisis situations.
  • How to identify new niches and shape future brands.
  • Where to get motivation in uncomfortable conditions.
  • Algorithms and formulas for a successful business.

Registration is obligatory. To become a participant, please, click the “Register” button. Only the users of the EBA site can register at the event. Number of listeners is limited. Should you have any questions, please, write at development@eba.com.ua or call (044) 496-06-01.


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Volodymyr Spivakovskyi
founder of “Edu Future”, founder of lyceum “Grand”, record holder of the Guinness Book of Records
Volodymyr Spivakovskyi

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Anna Merkulova

044 496 06 01


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