Training: Self-Presentation and Business Negotiations

  • Date: 16/10/2019
  • Language: Russian
  • Time: 10:00 - 18:00
  • Fee:2500 UAH for EBA members (2000 UAH till September 16)

EBA Kyiv Office, 1A Andriyivskiy Uzviz

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Every interaction between people depends not only on our professional expertise, but also on the impression we make on each other. The first impression depends on self-presentation and it will definitely affect the disposition of the business meeting. And the impression left after the meeting will depend on your behavior.  Social psychologists believe that the impression of behavior is laid down as a basic pattern, so every further interaction will be compared to it. Negative behavior is better remembered, so to change the impression you will need to spend more time and effort. So how can you make an impression benefiting your and your company’s interests?

Therefore, EBA Management Development Centre Team together with Ganna Chaplygina invite you to join the Training: Self-Presentation and Business Negotiations.

Trainer: Anna Chaplygina, etiquette and behavior modeling expert.

Target audience:

  • top and middle level management;
  • personal assistants;
  • employees performing representative functions.

Topics under discussion:

What affects the impression we make on others

  • words, meaningful component of language;
  • voice and intonation;
  • appearance;
  • body language;
  • behavior;
  • what you should pay attention to before and during the meeting.

Self-presentation online and during meetings

  • social media profiles as an extension of self-presentation;
  • what communication channel to choose;
  • online correspondence;
  • audio and video messaging;
  • telephone etiquette;
  • the use of gadgets during business meetings.

How to improve your company impression with specific actions

  • business subordination;
  • greetings and handshakes;
  • meeting guests — from the car to the reception;
  • escort, taking the stairs and the elevator;
  • presentation of the participants of the meeting;
  • business cards and what to do with them;
  • seating in the office;
  • small talk — what for;
  • running late — how to warn about it and how to join the meeting;
  • behavior in conflict situations;
  • end of the meeting, walking out and getting into the car;
  • principal cross-cultural differences.

As a result of a training each participant will:

  • will be able to analyze their own self-presentation based on specific parameters;
  • will learn to manage the impression that he makes on others;
  • will polish the behavioral skills that will help him secure a positive perception of the company.

Registration is obligatory. To become a participant, please, click the “Registration” button below. Number of listeners is limited. If you have any questions, please, write at development@eba.com.ua or call (044) 496-06-01.


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Anna Chaplygina
a specialist in etiquette and behavior modeling, collaborated with Newsfront PR Agency, GlobalLogic, OLX, Nielsen, “1 + 1” and others, director, journalist, author of articles for "Novoie vremia", mind.ua, Vector, LABA, etc.
Anna Chaplygina

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+380 (44) 496 0601

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