Online-Training: Inspiring Leadership. Engagement Management

Today, both for business and for individuals there is an urgent appeal: “Change or die!” Large- scale goals, innovative ideas, creative thinking and involvement of employees in solving business problems came to replace “safe” strategies, logic, “stereotyped” products and standard approaches in management. The company’s success is directly dependent on the open-mindedness, mood, energy, involvement and passion of the organization’s employees. It is time to increase team effectiveness by engaging everyone in achieving the company’s goals. Organizations whose leaders will be able to light up the souls of employees will achieve outstanding results.

EBA Management Development Centre together with Zhyve Dilo invite you to take part in the Training: Inspiring Leadership. Engagement Management.

Trainer: Alla Zadneprovska, CEO and founder of the Zhyve Dilo International Consulting Group, change-management expert, the author and trainer of Integral Coaching School, a first-person coach and a business coach.

Partner: Zhyve Dilo International Consulting Group.

Target audience: business owners, TOP-management, managers, professionals who want to develop their own leadership skills.


  1. Leadership. A systematic approach in the work of the manager.
  • Time challenges. Business problems. Why is it important to change something? A new future sets new standards for engagement.
  • Leader and Leadership. New leader role: leader of your life and leader of the team. New people strategies and new management approaches.
  • Leadership and management. Communication and differences. The model of transformational leadership. Management evolution.
  1. What is involvement? Impact of engagement on business results.
  • Three involvement whales: idea, meaning, system. Engaging factors.
  • Determining engagement drivers.
  • How to involve employees in activities? Engagement culture. New paradigms of thinking.
  1. Communication competence of the manager.
  • How to create a trust environment. Non-evaluation communications with subordinates, colleagues and supervisor.
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication components: words, body language and facial expressions, voice and intonation. The principle of perception “7-38-55”.
  • Feedback as a core competency of team development. How to provide, request and receive feedback that ensures effective communication, employee growth and business development. Rules and benefits.
  1. Coaching as an approach in management.
  • The purpose and objectives of coaching in business. The role of coaching in management.
  • Differences of coaching from other forms of work with people.
  • Levels of “maturity” of subordinates.
  • We train our subordinates to think and take responsibility.
  • How to turn a problem into a solved problem. Going beyond. “Outcome framework” as a technology for the development of constructiveness. How to refocus thinking and tune in to the “bug – growth point” mindset?
  1. Completion of the training.
  • Summarizing and systematizing the knowledge and skills acquired during the training.
  • Drawing up individual work plans for the next month to consolidate the material and build on the skills learned.


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Alla Zadneprovska
CEO and founder of the Zhyve Dilo International Consulting Group, change-management expert, the Author and Trainer of Integral Coaching School, a first-person coach and a business coach
Alla Zadneprovska

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