Development Programme on Critical Thinking in Business

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About the Programme

When relying on the facts, it is important not to slip on the conclusions.

A. Vasiliev

Everyday life throws us a lot of questions and problems that require our answers and effective decisions. Some are simple and some are not at all: How to save, without losing the quality of life? What politician should you vote for? Which bank is better to put money on deposit? Where and how to find a decent job? In order to choose the best solution, critical thinking needs to be turned on – this is a particularly effective way in life and business.


  • learn how to find the right and important information easily, will be able to check it out;
  • study all the opportunities carefully;
  • evaluate each option carefully and make your own choice;
  • master the critical thinking tools to make your life more meaningful and successful.


During two academic days, the participants will receive a balanced approach of theoretical and practical information, analyze carefully the business situation with the help of statistical and logic tools in order to develop a decision-making skill.


  • Top managers and department managers
  • Sales managers, marketing and PR managers
  • Business coaches


  1. Statistics basics for analysis of situations and business problem solving.
  2. When and how the law of big numbers is applied.
  3. Forecast. How to define what information is needed to forecast events while evaluating the business plan.
  4. Defining the cognitive bias. How to monitor their usage not to allow them to have influence on decision making.
  5. How to make the cost and benefits analysis. How to define the situations when we should ignore the results of this analysis.
  6. How to give arguments to the decisions with the help of logic and dialectic reasoning.

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Anna Grygorash
tutor, consultant of EY Academy of Business, has the qualifications of АССА member, РМР, PSM, ТОС Fundamentals, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Service Design, Coach (International Institute of Leadership (USA)
Anna Grygorash


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