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Critical thinking is one of the key elements of SoftSkills ranking according to the World Economic Forum. The development of this skill helps to overcome prejudice in decision making and choices, to find alternative and non-standard ideas, to process information more effectively.

EBA Management Development Centre together with Olga Shapovalova is launching a renewed Development Programme on Critical Thinking, as a result of which each participant will get:

  • Understanding the essence and components of critical thinking;
  • Skill level assessment and tools for its development;
  • The list and main characteristics of cognitive biases in decision making and information analysis;
  • Experience in using critical thinking techniques;
  • Motivation, interesting cases and tasks for further development.

Interactive training programme allows you not only to learn more about the skill but also to experience offered tools in cases and training exercises.


  • Top managers and department managers;
  • Sales managers, marketing and PR managers;
  • Business development managers.



Critical thinking components:

  • Individual assessment of critical thinking skill.
  • Two systems of thought by D. Kahneman: how judgments and conclusions are made.
  • Express exercise on critical thinking boosting.
  • How to develop critical thinking on daily basis.

Logical thinking:

  • Laws of logic and logical paradoxes in simple words.
  • How and why do people break the laws of logic?
  • Conclusions and considerations. Induction and deduction.
  • Logical thinking training on daily examples and logical exercises.

Cognitive biases:

  • 4 Main causes: information excess, difficulty in building meanings, need for quick response, remembering information.
  • Analysis of the most common biases and their minimization methods.
  • Testing for susceptibility to cognitive biases.

Control of emotions:

  • The influence of emotions on decision making process.
  • Identification and controlling of emotional state.
  • Intellectual empathy.
  • Developing emotional intelligence.


Working with information:

  • Information perception channels.
  • Test for detecting the dominant type of information perception.
  • Types of information processing: analysis, synthesis, systematization, evaluation and interpretation.
  • Criteria for the information selection.
  • Exercise: information boom.

Information delivering:

  • Structure and types of argumentation.
  • Technique of rational-emotional argumentation.
  • Life hacks how to be more convincing.
  • Working with counterarguments.
  • Written argumentation.
  • Debate exercise.

Problem solving and decision making:

  • Stereotypes in decision making and problem solving.
  • Problem solving algorithm.
  • Finding a cause of problem.
  • A tool for a problem-task transformation.
  • Practice of evaluation tools and decision-making methods.

Creative thinking and pattern minimization:

  • Creativity principles and ways of its daily development.
  • Innovation barriers and their removal.
  • Techniques for ideation by teams and individuals.
  • Creative workshop.


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Olga Shapovalova
Certified Business and Life Coach by Master Coach Ukraine (EMCC), 10 years of working with innovative projects and teams
Olga Shapovalova


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