Corporate Presentations Development Programme

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About the Programme

This course is highly practical, as participants will notice the improvement of their presentation skills during the last class. An important part of the trainers’ approach is sharing information and practical methods based on their working experience.


Understand how to create simple, great-looking presentations, analyze how to deliver information in a clear and understandable way, learn how to avoid the most common mistakes and overcome the difficulties preparing the presentation.


Head of business branches, senior and middle management, marketing and PR-specialists, sales and business development managers. 


Module 1. Everything Starts with Trust, Non-Verbal Communication – February 17 – Oleksandr Zayoma.

  • How to establish credibility and make presentation convincing.
  • How to bring to notice and maintain attention during a presentation.
  • How to make a strong first impression.
  • What to pay attention to in non-verbal communication and why it is worth doing.
  • How to speak with a body language more emphatic and clearer.
  • Video recording with further out-of-class analysis.

Module 2. Presentation Design and Work in PowerPoint – February 19 – Oleksandr Tomilin.

  • Hotkeys.
  • Work with layers.
  • Work with images.
  • Working with text.
  • Working with figures.
  • Work with color.

Module 3. Creating Animated Presentations, Elocution – February 24 – Oleksandr Zayoma, Oleksandr Tomilin.

  • Animation.
  • Transitions.
  • Examples of presentations with Morph transition.
  • Developing clear and emphatic speech.
  • How to sound more convincingly and expressively.
  • How to use pauses and logical accents smartly.
  • Non-verbal improvisation.

Module 4. Your Move – February 26 – Oleksandr Zayoma, Oleksandr Tomilin.

  • Mentor’s Session.
  • Final speeches of the participants with prepared presentations.
  • Getting feedback from the trainers.



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Oleksandr Zayoma
Presentation Skills Coach
Oleksandr Tomilin
Reprezent Co-founder & CEO, Prezi Campus Ambassador in Ukraine 2013-2014
Oleksandr Zayoma
Oleksandr Tomilin


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