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About the Programme

Internet-marketing as an integral part of traditional marketing gains momentum today. Using it costs of products and services become lower, as there is no necessity of producer`s physical presence. In this case competition among the producers increases, there is a necessity to astonish customers. The main difference of the internet marketing from its conservative variant is a possibility of interaction, which means the possibility to cooperate with auditorium and clients explicitly, control situation fully, make targeting and web-analytics. This gives a possibility to become closer to the customer, understand him/her, create a product or service that will be fully consistent with his/her expectations. 

EBA Management Development Centre team announce the renewed Internet Marketing Deveopment Programme, which will help you to create and integrate the successful internet strategy, equire innovations, choose the best digital channels for your business and implement e-commerce to be the best at the market. 

Having successfully finished the programme, you will receive certificates of completion.


  • Learn how to work with Google analytics 
  • Make your internet strategy better
  • Make personalization of users at different sales` hole levels 
  • Select the ideal strategy for e-commerce
  • Increase conversion


  • Marketing managers
  • PR managers
  • Marketing directors
  • Internal communication specialists


Module 1. Main Principles of the Internet marketing – Maksym Khomenko – April 01 – 16.00 – 20.00

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Digital channels and how do they solve issues 
  • Marketing of social media 
  • Digital marketing investigation: how to estimate the communication result 

Module 2. Project Management & Digital Production – Inna Makoterska  – April 03 – 16.00 – 20.00

Introduction into the project management: 

  • Types of project cycles, the cycles choice for the project 
  • Main stages of working on the project: initiation, planning, realisation and closing
  • Instruments of work at each stage of the project

Introduction into web-production:

  • Types of web-platforms, their tasks and demands
  • Access to choosing partners for web-platforms` development 
  • Development stages, step by step processes at each stage, basic documentation
  • Participants of the web-development process and their roles 
  • Communication process construction and data sharing within the project

Module 3. Google Analytics. Part 1 – Anton Lipskiy – April 08 – 17.00 – 20.00

  • General tools:
    – Web analysis tools:
    – Trends analysis
    – Competitors analysis
    – Own site analysis
    – Existing researches that can be used in the work

Module 4. Google Analytics. Part 2 – Anton Lipskiy – April 10 – 17.00 – 20.00

  • Web analytics – Google Analytics:
    –  Principles of analytics systems work (js + cookie)
    –  Working with basic reports:
      – TA analysis
      – Traffic analysis
      – User behavior analysis
      – Working with conversions and transactions
  • Google TagManager:
    – Principles of GTM work
    – Setting codes through GTM
    – Setting up tracking of basic events:
    – Clicks
    – Form submition
    – Scroll
    – Pop-up opening
    – JS errors

Module 5. System of the Internet marketing for Business – Anton Voroniuk – April 15 – 16.00 – 20.00

  • Internet marketing instruments
  • Advertisements` adjustment
  • Understanding of users and competitive landscape
  • Making better with the useability, increase of conversion

Module 6. E-Commerce – Yulia Shylova – April 17 – 16.00 – 20.00

  • Technological innovations and how they influence business processes. Digital-trends 2019/2020:

       – Cloud, Machine Learning, Big data and AI, smartphones, voice helpers and Voice Search

  • Entering strategy into eCommerce:

       – Model for the success potential evaluation of eCommerce (transaction costs evaluation)

        – Your own eCommerce, outsource, market places

       – Possible risks and traps

       – eCommerce team: what functions are necessary, who should be in-house, what can be given for the outsource

  • eCommerce management:

      – Implementation of the traffic and managing the quality of implementation

      – Work with the client database

      – Customer Journey and how to work with CJM in eCommerce


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Maksym Khomenko
Chief digital officer, Publicis Groupe, 15 years of experience in advertising, exeperience in digital and non-TV media, strategic and tactical planning
Inna Makoterska
Co-founder of the consulting company I+J (, 9 years of experience in marketing, author and curator of the courses Project та Account Management. Before: Operational manager/Middle partner of the marketing agency Aimbulance
Anton Lipskiy
Web analytics and online advertising specialist with over 10 years of experience,Team Lead in Promodo and co-founder of the training school LVL80, experience in working both with small business and with big international brands, for more than 7 years a speaker at many schools and conferences
Anton Voroniuk
CEO at WebPromoExperts Academy, CBDO at WebPromo Agency, Trainer at Google Academy for Agencies, certified in Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yandex Direct, Yandex Metrics, Google Apps for Business, author of the bestseller "Actual marketing"
Julia Shylova
Chief Marketing Officer, Omnicore
Maksym Khomenko
Inna Makoterska
Anton Lipskiy
Anton Voroniuk
Julia Shylova


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