Design Thinking Development Programme

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About the Programme

Today it is important to learn how to create valuable decisions for clients and adjust the ideas with business priorities. As well as to launch, zoom, keeping the business focus and engage key stakeholders (client, investors, employees, outer community). Design Thinking as methodology of thinking is the instrument for launching and zooming your business processses. 

EBA Management Development Centre together with Kateryna Kovalenko and Natalia Volkova launches the new Design Thinking Development Programme. During the modules of the development programme you will see how design thinking let to look at decisions of actual business cases in a new way, examining the clients’ needs, analyzing possibilities and risks, understanding environment and eco-system where you organization works. Having successfully finished the development programme, you will receive certificate of completion.


  • Create necessary innovational decisions following the main business focus 
  • Get acquainted with the concept and methodology for managing innovations and new initiatives within the transformational period 
  • Understand for what purposes it is better to use methodology 
  • See how to manage the innovational projects in cross functional teams 


  • CEO and managers of the functional departments
  • Managers of the project teams 
  • Experts that are working with new projects and developing innovational culture of the company 


Module 1.1. Innovation and way of thinking – November 06

  • What for innovations and transformations for business and stakeholders?
  • Typology of thinking: from fixed to growing mindset
  • Idea and thought 
  • Partnership and competition 

Module 1.2. Team – November 06

  • Crossfunctionality in team 
  • Principles and approcahing to formulating teams 
  • Partnership and rivalry 

Module 2.1. Design thinking as an instrument – November 07

  • Design thinking as an instrument for generating target ideas and searching for effective decisions 
  • Methodology of design thinking: overview of 5 stages 
  • Place and role of design thinking (together with Agile and Lean)
  • How to integrate the methodology in business processes: from definition to creating idea, its implementing and zooming (managing chages)

Module 3.1. Trends in design thinkingNovember 08

  • Overview of the trend definition 
  • Deepening in behavioral trends of Ukrainians
  • How to cooperate in business

Module 3.2. Test driveof design thinking on real business case – November 08

  • Possibility of design thinking introduction in the real business case
  • Introduction with the help of facilitator 
  • Understanding of the main values of the methodology


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Kateryna Kovalenko
Independent consultant, tutor in Business School, professional areas: HR/ Innovation Management/ Marketing/ Communications/ Design Thinking, certified facilitator of Design Thinking. Has international certification of HRCI, Senior Professional in HR - International, Global Development
Natali Volkova
Chief Culture Officer, Die Kulturträger, 5 years of consulting experience in the transformation of people's behavior for international brands, head of the department which is engaged in trend-watching and anthropological research, within the project Die Kulturträger (formerly Trendwatching Ukraine)
Kateryna Kovalenko
Natali Volkova


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