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About the Programme

This year Management Development Centre in partnership with ABC is launching a renewed Legal English Development Programme with a special emphasis on the comparison of British and American terminology with Ukrainian realities that will be thoroughly examined during the classes. The program is based on a narrow set of high-demand topics: contract law, company law, dispute resolution, and intellectual property law. The goal of the program is to help participants understand the peculiarities of using English as the langauge of law through instruction and practice. The Course consists of ten 90-minute sessions that will include a review of key legal concepts and essential vocabulary, discussions, case-studies, role-plays, writing exercises and functional grammar. It looks at the latest developments in the field of law and uses the most up-to-date authentic materials, which makes it highly relevant to student`s experience and working environment. The materials used for the classes are the most up-to-date books, mostly by Oxford and Cambridge Publishing Houses. The curriculum is supplemented with articles and cases from specialized online resources, magazines, newspapers. The language of the course is English. The required English level is Intermediate and higher. Having successfully finished the program, you will receive certificate of completion. DURING THE MODULES YOU WILL:

  • Gain new skills which are sure to contribute to their more confident and fluent interaction in various legal situations;
  • Improve their grammatical accuracy and learn how to deal with different types of business and legal correspondence (emails, official letters, memos, minutes, etc.);
  • Practise the spoken English language through discussions, debates, and conversation activities, such as role-play and pair-work;
  • Gain an insight into the main features of the legal system in the UK and the USA;
  • Have a chance to exchange their valuable experience and come up with some ideas of how to improve our current legislation;
  • Master the skill of writing the main legal documents: contracts, charters, motiions, resolutions, informative memos
  • Learn vocabulary, cliches and courtesy patterns, which are an integral part of legal correspondence;
  • Develop the power of persuasion and reasoning, become eloquent and confident speaker


  • Practicing lawyers in a law firm and lawyers in a private practice
  • In-house legal professionals
  • Lawyers in the public administration or working at the court
  • Judges and prosecutors of all specialities

SYLLABUS MODULE 1. Company Law: company formation and management

  • Types of companies in the UK/the US and Ukraine.
  • Roles in company management.
  • Company liability.
  • Skills: giving advice and making recommendations.
  • Writing: a letter of advice.

MODULE 2. Company Law: capitalization

  • Types of shares.
  • Rights of shareholders.
  • Skills: taking minutes.

MODULE 3. Company Law: company restructuring

  • Fundamental changes in a company.
  • Mergers and acquisitions in the US and Ukraine.
  • Writing: opening and closing emails.

MODULE 4. Risk management and insolvency

  • Mitigating potential risks.
  • Debtor-creditor.
  • Insolvency procedure in Ukraine: key aspects.
  • Skills: hypothesizing about past actions.

MODULE 5. Contract Law: drafting a contract

  • Enforceability of contracts.
  • Contract clauses.
  • Defences to contract formation.
  • Writing: drafting a contract.

MODULE 6. Contract Law: negotiating an agreement

  • Negotiating a contract.
  • E-contracts.
  • Skills: negotiations.

MODULE 7. Contract Law: remedies

  • Breach of contract.
  • Types of remedies in the US/ Ukraine.
  • Types of damages.
  • Skills: an initial lawyer-client interview.
  • Writing: a follow-up email.

MODULE 8. Litigation

  • Types of courts.
  • Documents in court.
  • Court procedure in the UK/the US/ Ukraine.
  • Skills: providing arguments.
  • Writing: a memo.

MODULE 9. Alternative dispute resolution

  • Avoiding litigation.
  • Arbitration and mediation.
  • Writing: a letter before action.

MODULE 10. Intellectual property

  • IP terms.
  • Copyright and fair use.
  • IP rights on the internet.
  • Skills: Clarification.


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Mikhail Kliuka
Teacher of legal, business and general English, A.B.C. Center, IELTS Academic 2017
Mikhail Kliuka


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