Professional orientation course for teenagers «Pro Teens»

Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite your children to professional orientation course for teenagers «Pro Teens», planned for Thursday, 23 April, from 12:30 till 14:00.

The meeting will be streamed via Zoom.us

Way of establishing career by the young specialist always thorny and often rather not conscious. And whether it is possible in modern realities of quickly changeable world with tightening and to wanderings in the dark of unconscious opportunities?
Time dictates the rules, and many risks of choosing the wrong profession appear at youth that can strike as the family budget of parents and disappointment in the forces and apathy of the child.

Probably, you agree that choice of a profession on calling will be inevitable to bring pleasure, growth of motivation: If you like a profession, the aspiration will become the best. And practicing or passing a training on desired
professions can already be earned at the university: From 96000 UAH a year
Number of years purposeful happy life: All life

With the purpose to help youth to choose a profession on calling, and even to creat happy life with help of being in a desired profession and successful career

Module 1. Orientation to the purposes (23.04.2020)

  • New view on realization in professional activity
  • What goes on the purpose “to enter higher education institutions”
  • What is the concept a profession in the real world
  • How to find a life long profession
  • Secrets of successful choice of a profession

Module 2. Modeling way of successful career (24.04.2020)

  • Researches and choice of a profession for calling
  • What have to be considered at choice of profession and higher education institutions
  • How not to waste precious time

Module 3. Reality the best than a dream, a personal route to happy life (25.04.2020)

  • Main secrets of successful professionals
  • Skills of time-management
  • What first steps need to be done not to miss an opportunity
  • Emotional self-control as indispensable part of happy and successful life

Rules of registration:

  • Online registration is obligatory


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Alina Kravchenko
Practical psychologist, Career Coach, Corporate psychologist gestalt approach in organizations. Ex-presidentand now board member of TheInternational Coaching Federation Ukraine Chapter, ICF member. Ideologist at the Psychological Well-Being Studio "Personal and professional prosperity"
Alina Kravchenko

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