EBA Tax & Financial Committee in Kharkiv: Business and State Cooperation. Electronic Systems – How to Work Effectively

  • Date: 31/05/2018
  • Time: 16:00 - 18:00

SigmaBleyzer Conference Hall, 49 Sumska St., 5th fl.

At the event, we will consider how to profit on the participation in the state and commercial procurement, create electronic trading efficiently and avoid common mistakes during the tenders, perspective auction market, and also get qualitative pieces of advice from the public procurement lawyer (tender results appealing in practice, is there any use of and how to file a complaint correctly, how to take into account all the necessary client’s provisions in the bid).

In the program:

  1. ProZorro state procurement: the opportunities for business
  2. Rialto system of electronic procurement and sale
  3. Prodazhi: what the state sales
  4. The strategy of the successful tender participation and unlawful decisions appealing

EBA members are welcome to attend upon prior registration


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Olena Parfeniuk
the Head of the State Procurement Development Department of Zakupki.prom.ua
Oleksandr Nikitenkov
the Head of the Tender Support Department of Prava Sprava Law Firm
Olena Parfeniuk
Oleksandr Nikitenkov

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