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About the Programme

The tax field is one of the most volatile areas of doing business. Legislative changes are required on a monthly basis to be successful in business. During the Programme the best tax professionals will share with you their experience on tax disputes and present you their latest cases.

Tax Development Programme was established in 2018 in order to help you understand the tax system in Ukraine, learn about all the pecularities of minimization and legitimate tax optimization. Each season programme is refreshed.

Having successfully finished the programme, you will receive the certificate of completion.


  • A more detailed discussion on value-added tax, global transparency, single tax, and transfer pricing.
  • Teamwork on cases.
  • A complete overview of taxes sphere in international and local terms.


  • Chief accountants.
  • Finance managers.
  • Senior managers of the tax and legal services department.


MODULE 1. Transfer Pricing. Reloading – Oleksandr Fedosieienko, January 26, 16.00 – 19.00

  • №466, №786 and even more: BEPS, primary products, business purposeverifications on transfer pricinginteresting legal cases and even more what you wanted to knowbut could not ask. 
  • EY representatives and representatives from State Revenue Service – transfer pricing management department will conduct you an excourse into the nooks of transfer pricing and answer your questions. 

Module 2. Tax Risks of Value-added Tax and Issues on Optimisation of the Value-added Tax (Based on Judicial Practice) – Larysa Antoshchuk, January 28, 16.00 – 19.00

  • Last tendencies of inspections on VAT consequences: budget refirbishment, registrations of tax notes, CEA, etc.
  • «Fictitiousness» of juristic acts and issues of consequences for VAT based on tax controversies, risk of open criminal introductions 
  • Giveaways: problematic issues with the VAT scope and looking at “simple prices”
  • Amendment of the VAT credit and tax liability in case of debts` simplification: position of tax bodies and taxpayers
  • Arrest on remains in CEA of VAT, blocking of the tax way-bills` registration: war with real or illegal business? 
  • Operations with individual entrepreneurs, non-residents: actual questions from the fiscal body (based on the experience of tax inspection forwarding)

Module 3. Accounting Policy, Income and Single Tax – Iryna Gubina, February 02, 16.00 – 19.00

Accounting policy and income tax 

  • Organization of tax and accounting accountancy in the company: useful nuances for tax values. How to define risks in business activity? 
  • Recommendations on the company`s accounting policy building as an instrument of tax optimization, order on accounting policy and methodical documents on accounting processes 
  • Changes of accounting policy and accounting and summing-ups – why to delimit? 
  • Viability of “synchronization” tax and accounting norms that navigate accounting practice 
  • What to choose as a basis for accounting report – national or international standards. Advantages and risks of VCAP usage as a basis for accounting policy of the company 

Risks` decrease and tax planning in the sphere of working relations and interaction with private individuals 

  • Forms of collaboration with individuals: labor and civic-law relations, collaboration invitation of individuals 
  • Financial sanctions for labor legislation violation: maintenance algorithm and risks transfer from «big» до «small» forfeits, judicial practice analysis and practice of investigations 
  • PDFO and UST (personal income tax), peculiarities and disadvantages of the new unified accounting policy 
  • Condition on working payment, inner documents and their connection with individuals` tax on income 

Accounting documents: primary and approving, differences and peculiarities 

  • Usage of primary and approving documents in support of the company`s tax interests  
  • Peculiarities of documentation of “risky” operations from taxmen side  
  • Smart business purpose: that non-residents have and a lot more than this..

Single tax: risks that are worth to be taken into account in tax planning

  • Single tax and ППЄП. Risks of single tax. Special features of single tax working in commerce and service industry
  • Limitation legal entities interaction based on teh common system of taxation with single tax payers 
  • Risks of not using PTR, cases when PTR are not objective but must be used

Module 4. Global Transparency and Tax (Non) Evasion – Hennadiy Voytsitskyi and Roman Koren, February 04, 16.00 – 19.00

  • Implementation of resources on BEPS plan and battle with tax trespasses 
    • Law № 466-IX vs. Draft plan № 4065;
    • test of the main goal vs. test of the business goal;
    • taxation of the permanent establishments;
    • transnational tax issues and procedure of the mutual consent;
  • Taxation of the digital business / possibilities of BEPS 2.0 implementation
  • Creation and activity of transnational corporate structures in the epoch of global transparency
  • The role of MLI convention and renewal of agreements on dual taxation envasion 
  • Obligation of finance bodies notification on the used tax models and information exchange between tax bodies 
  • Responsibility for tax payment envasion: local and international aspects 


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Oleksandr Fedosieienko
Senior Manager, Transfer Pricing and Operating Model Effectiveness, EY Ukraine, over 12 years of experience in transfer pricing, local and international taxation, audit, and other financial and tax areas, since 2013 his main focus is helping Ukrainian and international businesses comply with the transfer pricing frameworks and plan their supply chains in the most efficient ways
Larysa Antoshchuk
Senior manager, head of solving tax disputes practice, licensed attorney with the 10 years experience of accomponiment and consulting of the international and Ukrainian companies
Iryna Gubina
Editor of the accountant publications, journal "БухгалтеріяUA", newspaper "Бухгалтерія" (publication "Бліц-Інформ"), independent consultant on tax and accountant audit issues, experience of the active lector activity around Ukraine from 2003, professiobnal certificattes - CAP, DipIFRrus
Hennadiy Voytsitskyi
Partner of the Kyiv Office of Baker McKenzie heading the Tax and Customs Practice Group, specializes in advising multinational and domestic clients on international tax planning and tax structuring, including cross-border inbound and outbound investment, tax controversy and litigation, wealth management. In 2016 Tax Practice Group, which is led by Hennadiy Voytsitskyi, was awarded "Ukraine Tax Law Firm of the Year 2016" by the International Tax Review’s (ITR) European Tax Awards
Roman Koren
Associate with Tax and Customs Practice Group of Baker McKenzie in Kyiv and specializes in general tax structuring, transfer pricing, VAT and customs matters
Oleksandr Fedosieienko
Larysa Antoshchuk
Iryna Gubina
Hennadiy Voytsitskyi
Roman Koren


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